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Introductory Flying Lesson

This flight will take about 25-30, starting with a preflight inspection. The instructor will help you take off, then allow you to take control of the airplane for a scenic flight around North West Indiana and up near Lake Michigan, guided by you! During the post flight brief, we can discuss how to make your dreams of flying fit into your budget and time. The Introductory Flying Lesson costs $70 – $80 depending on the aircraft of your choice.

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To Fly

Whether you are new to aviation, wanting to add an additional rating, a seasoned pilot looking for recurrency or just wanting to rent an aircraft, we at Wings look forward to flying with you.


Our experienced instructors can help you obtain the knowledge, skills and aeronautical experience necessary to meet and exceed FAA standards on your path to achieving your aviation dream.

Master Flight Instructor

Wings has the only Master Flight Instructor at Porter County Airport. We also have FAA Gold Seal and Master Flight Instructors, a distinction achieved by less than 1% of all flight instructors.

How Do I Become A Pilot?

A person may start to fly at almost any age. To become a licensed private pilot, you must be 16 years old to solo and 17 to get your license. You must pass a physical and written test before taking an oral and practical flight test with an FAA Examiner.

During your flight training experience, you will do cross county flight and night flying. You will also fly at tower controlled airports, receive dual instruction, and fly solo.

Achieve your flight Dreams today!

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introductory flights

  • Warrior $80
  • C150 $70

Sales tax included for 30 minute flights

block time rates

  • Warrior $110/hr
  • 20 hrs Dual Instruction $700

Block rates are figured on 20 hr. pre-paid packages.

total 20 hr. package

  • Warrior $2,900 + tax
  • C150 $2,400 + tax

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Valparaiso, IN 46383


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